American States Water (AWR) Dividend Stock Analysis


American States Water Co. (AWR) is the parent company of Golden State Water Co. (GSWC) and American States Utility Services, Inc. (ASUS) and its subsidiaries. It is the third largest water utility company in North America behind American Water Works (AWK) and Aqua America (WTR). American States Water has its main focus on military contracts for long durations (usually 50 years) and looks at unregulated markets for growth opportunities. The combination makes for stability and the company has demonstrated it with the long history of dividend payments and dividend growth.

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Aqua America (WTR) Dividend Stock Analysis

Aqua America

Aqua America (WTR) is the second largest water utility company in North America serving eight states serving approximately 3 million customers. The company intends to grow through acquisitions, and has made approximately 300 acquisitions and growth ventures since 1995. The company enjoys stability due to the nature of the industry and intends to look at unregulated and acquisition opportunities for growth. The company is a dividend contender having raised dividends for 23 consecutive years with a 5-yr dividend growth rate of 7.6%.

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American Water Works (AWK) Dividend Stock Analysis


American Water Works Company (AWK) is the largest publicly traded water company serving approx 15 million people in US and Canada. In serving the 15M customers, the company boasts 48,000 miles of water pipelines serving 1,600 communities and 3.2M regulated customers. Water is an essential service, which we cannot live without and the current drought conditions in California have brought water and its implications (or rather, the lack there of) on society. Investing in water utilities can provide with possibly lucrative returns for investors.

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