I’m Joining the Yakezie Challenge

The Yakezie network, started by Financial Samurai, is a community of bloggers consisting on personal finance, investing and lifestyle blogs. The Yakezie challenge is a 6-month long process, open to all bloggers, to improve and promote each other’s blogs and reach a better overall Alexa rank.
Roadmap2Retire’s current Alexa as of today, Feb-11-2014, is 565,407.
Proud Member of Yakezie
The challenge for the next 6 months is to:
  • Reach a ranking of 200,000 or better
  • Publish 2-4 articles weekly (already doing that!)
  • Selflessly promote other blogs and become an active member of the Yakezie community
  • Install the Yakezie badge on the site (done!)

I intend to include my Alexa ranking update in my monthly updates over the coming months.


Goal Achieved – $2000 Passive Income

I started off this year with a goal of achieving $2,000 in passive income and I finally reached that goal this week. This came as a surprise as I was not expecting to reach my goal until November after my healthcare mutual fund decided to pay out its annual distribution in October instead of the usual December. As expected, I am ecstatic that I was able to meet and will be surpassing this goal by a few hundred dollars, thanks to my ever increasing investments in dividend paying stocks and addition of other sources of passive income this year.
I hope all my readers are achieving their goals and I wish them the best. I am yet to set a goal for 2014, which I should be finalizing in the coming weeks.
For an update on my past, present and future goals, click here.

Blog Traffic – 10K views

Hey all!
I took a look at my Google Analytics stats from Roadmap2Retire recently and was delighted to see that my traffic over the past month crossed the 10,000 pageviews mark. The traffic was from a wide range of countries around the world, 31 countries in total. I am  so honored that so many people have taken the time to read what I have to share. Thank you to each and every one of the blog readers.