Blogger to WordPress Migration

Blogger to WordPress Migration

The Blogger to WordPress migration is complete. While moving things over, I got a few questions from readers on the move and decided that a post detailing it should be beneficial to everyone.

First things first – should you move your blog to WordPress? I listed a few points that can be found in this post on why I decided to move. For you, if those conditions do not bother you, and the blog is simply an outlet for your ideas, Blogger will be just fine. But if you want to grow your blog into a business and do more than just write articles, taking full control and make something more of it, moving to WordPress is a no-brainer. I still do not know where my own blog is headed, but for now, I have decided to move to WP and theres no looking back.

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Moving to WordPress

Hey there!
I have decided to move my blog over from Blogger to WordPress. After thinking about it for a while and weighing in the pros and cons, I have finally come to a decision to move my blog over to WordPress.
For those unfamiliar, WordPress is a blogging software and is the most popular one out there. It is not uncommon to start blogging on Blogger for novices and once the traffic and following grows, majority of the users move to WordPress as it provides better control.
The advantages far outweigh the pain of moving the blog, including the following:
  • I will own my own content – as the current agreement by posting on Blogger is that Blogger owns the content. This was a big deal for me as I am creating value with my words and dont want it belonging to someone else.
  • Even though Google has made no indication of shutting down the service, we have seen many a great Google products shut down just because. Google does not provide any explanation when shutting down services except that it was not meeting their goals…and that is unacceptable for me and you – the readers who rely on the service.
  • WordPress provides better control on lots of aspects of blogging that are unavailable on Blogger. There are also way better options for design and themes that I am looking forward to incorporate on the blog.
Followers of the blog shouldnt see any issues – my old links/handles will still remain the same. I intend to make this transition over this long weekend. Please let me know if see major issues during the time.
See you on the other side!

Roadmap2Retire Turns One

Time Flies they say; yet our experiences and new memories make it seem otherwise. Today this blog has turned one year old and what an experience it has been. I have learned a tremendous amount about so many things after starting this blog; from learning how to write in a good presentable way, to setting up the blog, sharing and marketing it to expand my readership – giving me a taste of how Internet businesses work. It has truly been a joy.I would like to thank the readers and the fellow bloggers in their support and encouragement. The readership of this blog has seen a fantastic rise over the year and I hope to continue writing articles that interests you, as a reader. What type of articles would you like to read more of? Feel free to share your questions, comments  and thoughts with me either here in the comments section or email me as I love to hear feedback from you.


The Div-Net Membership

Roadmap2Retire is now part of the The Div-Net, a network of investors focused on dividend investing, value investing and a long-term buy and hold philosophy. I am now an associate member and readers will notice the following badge displayed prominently on this blog.

What does this mean to the blog and the readers? Not much….there will be no changes in my content. I will be continuing to focus my work on investing and writing about dividend growth stocks in addition to other sources of passive income to achieve financial independence. Occasionally, my posts will be shared on the The Div-Net website as well.
I would also like to acknowledge and thank all the readers for the support. If you have any questions and comments, feel free to leave one below or email me.

Roadmap2Retire is now on Facebook

Accessing Roadmap2Retire is now easier than ever! Readers of this blog can follow and stay current via Facebook. This is part of my exercise to make access to Roadmap2Retire ever more easier for the readers.
Roadmap2Retire can be found on Facebook at:
Facebook users can be assured that they will not miss a single post by Liking the Facebook page. I look forward to connect with you on Facebook.