Recent Sell – EVI, BBB


A bit of portfolio cleanup with a couple of recent sales in my portfolio. As mentioned in my monthly outlook posts, I am looking for portfolio simplification (and getting rid of weak names in the portfolio).

First sale: This documentation is a bit dated since I sold this in October, but never officially wrote about it. I sold my small position in EVI Industries (EVI) and booked a loss. Its a company that has been hyped up and while there are some really interesting aspects of the company that I like, I am not completely convinced if it has a place in my portfolio.

Total loss = 10.3% (holding period = approx 6 months)

Second sale: I closed my position in Brixton Metals Corp (BBB.V). This is a commodity exploration company with assets in Canada. After a big range of ups & downs over the last couple of years, I have decided to liquidate it since I needed to raise some cash for other purchases. I had made up my mind to sell this a while ago, but was hoping for a recover in stock prices — maybe it’ll come, but I see better opportunities elsewhere. So, taking a big loss on this one.

Total loss = 61.9% (holding period = approx 1.5 yrs)

Full Disclosure: Our full list of holdings is available here.

3 Recent Buys – BAM, BCE, EVI


A quick update on three purchases in our portfolios. It is getting harder and harder to find good value plays as the market seems be pushing the boundaries on the valuation front. With a lot of stocks trading close to 52-week highs, pickings have been pretty slim. However, due to an oversized cash position, I decided to pay up and put some capital to work.

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