This page details all my options trades. I will be keeping my trades updated in a spreadsheet that are shared live here.

Be sure to check out both open and closed trades — which are maintained in separate tabs in the spreadsheet.

Click here for a full screen view

To date, my options income is summarized below:

3 thoughts on “Options

  1. What the heck that autofill did to my previous post?

    Stupid ! Hate it!

    Well, here is the original post I previously posted (if I actually remember it):

    Good options income! I noticed that you have some of the trades BTC at a loss. Would you consider rolling those trades next time to either improve the strikes or “buy” more time rather than closing them at a loss?

    • Yeah Ive been considering it last few weeks. The last time I did a BTC, the trading fees didnt make sense to roll and I wanted to stay invested in the company — so i decided to just take the loss. Now that I have a better trading account (IB), I can seriously consider rolling options when I decide to keep the shares.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting

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