This page details all my options trades. I will be keeping my trades updated in a spreadsheet that are shared live here. I have shared some details of how I am approaching the options trade in this post.

Be sure to check out both open and closed trades — which are maintained in separate tabs in the spreadsheet.

Click here for a full screen view

To date, my options income is summarized below:

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  1. What the heck that autofill did to my previous post?

    Stupid ! Hate it!

    Well, here is the original post I previously posted (if I actually remember it):

    Good options income! I noticed that you have some of the trades BTC at a loss. Would you consider rolling those trades next time to either improve the strikes or “buy” more time rather than closing them at a loss?

    • Yeah Ive been considering it last few weeks. The last time I did a BTC, the trading fees didnt make sense to roll and I wanted to stay invested in the company — so i decided to just take the loss. Now that I have a better trading account (IB), I can seriously consider rolling options when I decide to keep the shares.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  2. Yeah, the trading fees often push matters to an extent that doesn’t seem suitable for new entrants like me. But, I saved my face simply by comparing the offers documents attentively. After all, I couldn’t have rolled things till they seemed moderately profitable during that initial phase.

    • The trading fees do add up when you are trading both in and out of positions and if they are substantial. I am pretty happy with the IB account as the trading fees is significantly lower.


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