Tax Benefits of trading online in the United Kingdom

The following is a guest post by Justin Smith

Like most countries, traders in the United Kingdom pays various forms of taxes. However, there is a difference in how companies engaged in trade face a different tax as compared to a sole trader. When it comes to tax on profits, sole traders are required to pay class two and four National Insurance and income tax on their taxable business profits. Those in partnerships should pay the same for their share of the benefits. Companies, on the other hand, are required to pay corporation tax on their taxable profits. The companies then subject their employees to paying NICS and PAYE as a way of covering some of the charges incurred. Shareholders of the enterprise pay taxes for their dividends.

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How to Boost Creativity and Increase Productivity When Working on Your Side Hustle

The following is a guest post from Drew Cloud.

Drew Cloud is the founder of the Student Loan Report – a site dedicated to providing our nation’s latest student loan news. Check the site, found at, for new student loan related news, advice, and opinions from experts in the industry.

Have you ever just simply lost the creative juices you had flowing at one point? This is a common occurrence that happens for many people and if you do not know how to re-tap into your creative side, you may be left without a good idea or project.

Below, I will go over some ways to boost your creativity while you working on your side hustle. These should help you feel more motivated and get over that hump that interrupts the flow of things. These are some of the things that I have found to be the most effective when working on my new website, the Student Loan Report.

  1. Go for a Walk

If you feel like you are running into a road block, simply get up from your desk and go for a walk. You should take a stroll outside to get some fresh air and look at nature around you. This will help you clear your mind and increase your mood, allowing you to return to your desk with some new ideas in mind.

When you do go for a walk, try not to think too hard about what you were working on and let your ideas run freely. You will likely spark your curiosity in something and be able to get right back to your creative work.

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