Personal Challenges & Habit Formation

This blog has always been finance and investment related, and I never shared much on the personal front. However, I figured I will share some of my personal goals that I have struggled with & achieved so far in 2018 — just because its something that I have been reading & thinking a lot about recently and find it interesting.

My major personal goal for 2018 was related to habits (and habit formation). Over the years, I had fallen into some bad habits while letting go of the good ones; so I am making a conscientious effort to change things one month at a time.

Lot of these challenges are focused on health. Something that I haven’t shared before on this blog is my interest in health. After finances, health is my biggest passion. As I get older (in late 30s now), I am reminded that I need to clean up my act and lead a healthier lifestyle if I want to enjoy the later years of my life.

I like to set myself monthly challenges because I figure whatever new things I want to try, I can work & struggle through them for one month. After the month is over, I can look back & re-evaluate on whether I want to keep the new habit going or discard it. This feedback step is crucial in habit formation. I used to follow this model years ago, but had stopped over the past 3-4 years. Continue reading