500 Posts

This blog has been around for just over two years (or more accurately 30 months)…and this post marks my 500th blog post! When I started, I had no idea where this would go and/or what I wanted this outlet to become, other than to simple provide me with a platform to share my views and share my journey – so that it may educate and inspire others. Over the course of 30 months, I have enjoyed writing each and every single article and absolutely loved interacting with all the readers and commentators.

I would like to take this moment to acknowledge and thank you for the continued patronage. Here’s to the next 500 🙂


Sunshine Blogger Award

This post is inspired by Bryan at Income Surfer who nominated me for the Sunshine blogger award. For those unfamiliar, this is a fun way of sharing details about the nominated blogger (in this case, me) with a few questions posted by the person nominating. Thanks for the nomination, Bryan.

1. Name the top three experiences from your past, that help form who you are today.

  • Having a near-death experience. I fell off a cliff a few years ago and ended up with injuries that could have either killed me or left me paralyzed, but as luck may have it, I just came off it with just some cuts and scrapes, some fractures and a new found love of life. This caused me to re-evaluate a lot of things in my life and do some soul searching. I would say that a big part of me today is because of that experience.
  • A death of a close family member. Again – nothing like death to remind you how precious life is, right? A death of a close family member shook me up and reminded how important it was to take care of myself and people I care about. I used to be quite overweight and it was a wakeup call and decided to live a much healthier and active lifestyle after that. Even to this day, living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle remains a top priority for me.
  • Seeing people around me not plan ahead financially enough. Time and again, I’ve seen too many people not have a game plan when it comes to retirement and living paycheque to paycheque, while spending on unnecessary things. I started saving for my retirement the moment I was out of university and got a full-time job.

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Roadmap2Retire Turns Two

2 years

It has been two years since I started Roadmap2Retire – my online record of the path to financial independence. While the journey began a long time ago, journaling this blog has provided me with plenty of extra due diligence and kept me in check to work towards my goals. First and foremost, I want to thank you – the reader – some are newcomers, and some are seasoned readers – who return time and again, and I am honoured that you have found this blog interesting and leave your comments. By far, my most enjoyable part of the blogging experience has been connecting and interacting with likeminded fellow investors and sharing the experience of the pursuit to financial freedom.

I look forward to continue sharing great stories and experiences with you all. Here’s to a third year of Roadmap2Retire! 🙂

Some interesting posts from the archive:

  • Roadmap2Retire Turns One from Jun 2014.
  • Although technically not my first post (the first post was a mere “Hello World” in Apr 2013), my first real post – Dividend Income Update – Apr 2013. Boy, I still remember when I wrote that post and was getting feedback from some friends…the only thought I had in my mind was “Who would read this? And why would anyone care?” Like I said, the interaction and connecting with likeminded fellow investors has been an absolute joy and I now wonder why I didnt start earlier 🙂
  • Want to read a disaster story? Check this post out – My First Stock Investments. Like most investors, I started off with some disastrous investments and as luck may have it, I started my first stock investment in the midst of the financial crisis. I have learned a lot over the years and hope to share my experiences so others may benefit.

Image Credit: Freedigitalphotos.net/Stuart Miles

Blogger to WordPress Migration

Blogger to WordPress Migration

The Blogger to WordPress migration is complete. While moving things over, I got a few questions from readers on the move and decided that a post detailing it should be beneficial to everyone.

First things first – should you move your blog to WordPress? I listed a few points that can be found in this post on why I decided to move. For you, if those conditions do not bother you, and the blog is simply an outlet for your ideas, Blogger will be just fine. But if you want to grow your blog into a business and do more than just write articles, taking full control and make something more of it, moving to WordPress is a no-brainer. I still do not know where my own blog is headed, but for now, I have decided to move to WP and theres no looking back.

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