Listed here are the blogs that I regularly follow. These blogs have been extremely inspirational and continue to expand my knowledge.


Special mention: Join me and plenty of other very smart dividend growth investors in the Dividend Growth Forum


Personal Finance (Canada)

Personal Finance (US & Other)

Β Other
Here’s a list of blogs that I find interesting, but don’t fit into the categories above

46 thoughts on “Blogroll

    • You are welcome, Grow Independent.
      I think some of those blogs have stopped updating on a regular basis…but they are still good/decent resources for reading material.

      Best wishes

  1. Just saw that you added Angry Retail Banker to your blog roll. Thanks so much! I’m glad to have provided enough value, entertainment, or both for you not to be just a reader, but to want to associate your blog with mine and put your name behind it.

    Once my blog has a blog roll, this blog will be on it. Not simply as gratitude, but for the value and content you deliver. There’s a reason I read this blog often.

    ARB–Angry Retail Banker

    • You are welcome, ARB and thanks for the wishes. I really appreciate you taking the time and commenting on the posts – and I look forward to be on your blogroll when you are ready for it πŸ™‚

      Hope things are going well with the new job

  2. Hello R2R! Would you consider adding my blog to your list?

    Many thanks, and what an outstanding compilation of expertise you have gathered, here. Glad to see so many familiar faces (cars) on the road to Financial Independence. Beep Beep!


      • Outstanding, and thank you very much!

        I absolutely have to compliment you on the weekly compilations of important news that you are publishing. As I’m sure you can identify with, when we’re having a hectic week – sometimes a good piece of news or great article by our fellow bloggers or news sources can get lost, so when you recap the week’s happenings, it makes it easier to find a lot of the week’s info in one spot. Great idea!

        • You are welcome, A4I – both for adding to blogroll and the weekly links. The links seem to be really helpful to the community and this is just another way for me to help the fellow investors out.


  3. They are absolutely helpful. I added you to my Blogroll page that I’ve just started. Many thanks!

    P.S. I still need to get over and check on the DGI forum site. Lots of great Q&A going on over there from what little I did see.

  4. I have really enjoyed reading through your blog, especially your recent analysis on Canadian National Railway. Keep up the great work and best of luck on your journey! I also added you to my blogroll.


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