Geographical Revenue Diversification of My Holdings

Over the course of last few days, most companies have either released annual reports or filed 10-K with SEC, which reminded to go back and update my geographical revenue diversification data. Last time I reviewed this was in Dec 2014, where I evaluated the geographical diversification of my holdings. To reiterate from the old article, simply […]

Diversification of Canadian Banks – Take Two

Last week, I posted an article that took a deep dive on the geographical diversification of the Big Five Canadian banks – Royal Bank of Canada (RY), Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD), Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), Bank of Montreal (BMO) and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM). The article can be found here. In that article, […]

Geographical Diversification Of Canadian Banks

The fiscal year for the Big Five Canadian banks ends in October. With the end of the year, and a delay of a few weeks, companies release their annual reports which give investors a clear picture of the overall operations with breakdown in revenue and earnings. This is vital information for long term investors and […]

Revenue Diversification

Over the course of few weeks, I have been intrigued by the geographical diversification of my portfolio holdings. Simply looking at the domain of a company where the stock is listed does not provide us with the full picture, and since we live in a global economy with multinational companies, I was curious to find out how much […]