3 Recent Buys – BIPC, MSFT, ADYYF


A quick update on a few recent purchases in my portfolio.

  • First purchase: I added to my position in Brookfield Infrastructure Corp (BIPC.TO) @ CAD$62.50. Brookfield raised $275M by issuing shares, so I decided that it was a decent price to add to my position here. Recently, I changed my LP units to the C-corp units as I see a higher demand from rest of the investors for a simpler corporate structure.
  • Second purchase: I continued building on my position in Microsoft Corp (MSFT) @ $205.79. A bit pricey at current level, but great companies with a visibility to continued growth demand a premium in this market & I decided to nibble more here.
  • Third purchase: I added to Adyen NV (ADYYF) @ $1575.00. This is my third iteration of purchasing Adyen shares (see purchase #1 & #2 here). The stock has taken off since my initial purchases in May & June, but still decently priced considering the relative valuation in the US market.

Full Disclosure: Full list of holdings is available here.

2 thoughts on “3 Recent Buys – BIPC, MSFT, ADYYF

  1. I like MSFT. Been buying and averaging up since March along with AAPL. It’s not cheap but that’s what investing in a company with a pile of cash and a safe dividend costs.

  2. nice road.

    I have debated the tech all stars and sat back because of their premiums only to see them continue to roar…

    maybe it’s time… if microsoft follows apple with their stock split it should only go higher.

    when bep does their c Corp I may switch all my bep to that as well.

    keep it up man

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