2 Recent Buys – MSFT, V


A quick update on a couple of recent buys in my portfolio.

  • First purchase: I initiated a new position in Microsoft Corp (MSFT) @ $187.00. This has been long overdue. After missing this gem hiding in plain sight, I decided to pay up and initiate a position in MSFT. The company has executed brilliantly over the years and continues growing market share quarter after quarter.
  • Second purchase: I added to my position in Visa Inc (V) @ $190.00. I am slowly building this position as we move further towards a cashless society. This company continues to execute and plenty of growth runway ahead.

Full Disclosure: Long MSFT, V. Our full list of holdings is available here.

6 thoughts on “2 Recent Buys – MSFT, V

  1. Great companies to hold.

    As we will be moving away from a cashless society in the future (likely quicker due to COVID19 and fears around germs increasing ) , Visa should do really well going forward.

  2. Like MSFT. Up to this year I had 0 exposure to tech then I started buying AVGO, AAPL and MSFT the last few months. Would love to add more to my MSFT and AAPL but prices have really run up from their lows. I still might buy more at these elevated levels in June. Tons of cash and a growing Azure business comes at a price. Nice pick up.

    • I used to have very little exposure to tech until a few years ago when I was focused only on dividends…although I did own companies like AAPL, QCOM etc in the past. I havent even bothered looking at what MSFT pays in dividends. Still a long way to go for MSFT to grow — amazing mgmt, great moat, growing multiple segments simultaneously…no wonder its one of the largest companies on the planet.


  3. Nice road.

    2 solid companies.

    Like you I keep kicking the can down the road… One day they will be cheaper… lol

    Just got to bite the bullet and buy microsoft. Both will do great but love Microsoft’s cash stack as well.

    keep it up

    • Haha its what got me in the past too…waiting for things to get cheap. When that time came in March, I was too busy looking for ways to stop the bleeding elsewhere. Need to do better to remove the emotions next time.


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