3 Recent Buys – BAM, BIP, EQX


A quick update on recent buys in my portfolio. After a lot of sales in March, I have decided to start wading back into the markets as the volatility subsides.

  • First & second purchases: I re-initiated my position in Brookfield Asset Management (BAM.A.TO) @ $45.00 and Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (BIP.UN.TO) @ $55.00. Split-adjusted, I didn’t really time the market as well as I hoped, and just got them for a few percentage points lower than sale price; but I am starting off with a smaller position than what I had before the selloff. I will be looking to start building this position back up in coming weeks/months.
  • Third purchase: I added to my position in Equinox Gold (EQX.TO) @ $10.00. Equinox should see significant revenue growth in 2020 & 2021 and with it tremendous FCF depending on the spot price. This was an easy decision to add at this price point.

What are your thoughts on these purchases. Share a comment below.

Full Disclosure: Long BAM.A.TO, BIP.UN.TO, EQX.TO. Our full list of holdings is available here.

2 thoughts on “3 Recent Buys – BAM, BIP, EQX

  1. I’m sure we’ll see that crazy volatility return but like you… I am continuing to make my monthly buys during this relative lull. BAM/BIP looks like a nice pick up here. Don’t know much about Equinox Gold. Love to see the buying continue.

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