Recent Buy – GOOGL


A quick update on a recent purchases in Baby R2R’s portfolio from last week.

Frequent readers may be aware that in addition to the education fund, I run a Nest Egg fund for Baby R2R where I earmark a portion of my portfolio and track it as part of her Nest Egg.

In early 2019, I had bought BCE Inc (BCE.TO) and added that to Baby R2R’s portfolio, but I have decided to reverse that call as I don’t see much growth in that stock going forward. I want to hold stocks for her that have a better growth profile over the next 20 years and have a good reinvestment in the business rather than focused on dividend payouts. I have not sold the BCE shares, and continue to hold them in my portfolio.

With the above goal in mind, I have decided to add Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) to her portfolio. I was able to initiate a position @ $1,430.00.

Full Disclosure: Long BCE, GOOGL. Our full list of holdings is available here.

2 thoughts on “Recent Buy – GOOGL

    • Thanks PCI. Hoping the company can execute on the plans for growing the other segments. From a technical perspective, GOOGL has always been on the top of its game, its the business side that seems to be missing the mark.


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