Top Investment Picks for 2020

Nelson @ Canadian Dividend Investing: European Residential REIT (CVE:ERE.UN)

“Majority owned by CAPREIT company that is buying up apartments in the Netherlands. Fantastic growth potential. Could be just like owning CAPREIT 20 years ago.”

Passive Income Pursuit: Visa Inc (V)

“I’m tempted to go with another gold stock to try and swing for the fences, but the last few years my choices have been well…not so good. This year I’m choosing Visa. Great business, incredible free cash flow generation, and most importantly huge growth tailwinds. The valuation isn’t great, but considering the very high likelihood of 15% growth in 2020 the expensiveness is justified.”

Passive Canadian Income: Brookfield Property Partners LP (TSE: BPY.UN)

“Still a undervalued reit which has been buying back stock left right and center at these prices. Retail isnt dead and they own some of the best malls in north America as well as other high end buildings around the world. Plus Bob beat me to the disney pick! haha =)”

Roadmap2Retire: Twilio Inc (TWLO)

“Going with a SaaS stock for 2020. Twilio is a wide moat programmable communication platform. While revenue growth has slowed as it hits $1B ARR in 2019, top line growth is still expected ~30%. TWLO remains one of the more reasonably priced SaaS plays in the market as it continues to grow and capture more of the TAM”

Stashing Dutchman: Pinterest Inc (PINS)

“Pinterest is about to become consistently profitable and has the exact same business model as Google and Facebook (so huge potential), yet it’s completely overlooked by most investors.”

Tawcan: Walt Disney Co (DIS)

“Disney will continue to make blockbuster movies and generating tons of revenue. The new online streaming service will be able to generate even more revenues in 2020”

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18 thoughts on “Top Investment Picks for 2020

  1. zasid says:


    Nice one thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    I am beginning my journey this year for Dividend investing.

    I am 38,based in Canada. Have 10k cad to invest in my TFSA+some more room there to invest further down the line. where should I begin? My plan is on long term horizon (Dividend investing).To have healthy cash flow during my retirement. Please guide me a bit on where should I begin as I am still learning the ropes. I understand you are not a financial advisor and I will only take this as a suggestion not financial advice.

    How would you invest 10k Cad if you starting today in dividend investing?

    Thank you for your help on this.

    • Hey there,
      Since you are starting out, I recommend going the ETF route. There a plenty of good dividend focused ETFs from iShares, Vanguard or BMO.

      Long time ago I used to own ‘CUD’ from iShares (which held US dividend growth stocks — but since the ETF is listed in Canada, you dont have to worry about dividend taxes). There is also a monthly income ETF from BMO with ticker ‘ZMI’ — that will give you a diversified portfolio across various asset classes and provide you with a ~4% yield. Those are some good starting points for research.

      Alternatively if you are comfortable with the risk of holding individual stocks, take a look at the ‘dividend growers’ list. DGI&R posts monthly updates on Canadian dividend stocks (link here). These are usually blue chip stocks that pay a dividend and grow them year over year.

      Hope that helps

    • Thanks for the participation, Eric. BMY with the Celgene acquisition should be a force to reckon with in the pharma space. All the best in 2020 and beyond.

      Also, thank you for linking to this post from your dividend growth digest post.


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