Results: 2019 Top Investment Picks

As we welcome the new year, it’s time to look back and evaluate some of our investment picks/decisions. At the end of 2018, I reached out to the investing community and asked them to pick one investment security as their top pick for the year 2019. Plenty of folks responded and I was happy to compile the list and track them over the year.  The original post can be found here. Picks from previous years are indexed on this page. It is always interesting to see what everyone was thinking a year ago and how the picks played out over the year.

Again, I would like to remind readers that this was meant to simply be a fun exercise and should not be considered investment advise. Please do your own research before investing in any securities.

Without further ado, here is the list and details of how the investment performed over the year. I have also included each investor’s original quote from a year ago to provide some context.

The Top 3

2019 was a great year in the markets with most indexes providing spectacular returns.

#1 Bitcoin by DivHut

Bitcoin ringing in with a great returns in 2019 after the crash of 2018. Cryptocurrencies continue to be hated by most investors, but it is hard to deny the returns generated if you can time it right. DivHut had this to say a year ago:

“I’m riding the crypto train till the end.”

Total return: 94.9%

#2 Apple Inc (AAPL) by Stockles, Blog Reader Raymond & Hello Suckers

Who would’ve thought that one of the largest companies in the world would grow and provide a total return of 88%!! With the crash of Q4 2018, we had three people pick Apple as top pick.

Stockles had the following to say:

“A fair value interval based on DCF shows that lower limit is 189USD, fair value 236 USD and upper around 283 USD and as I pick it now, the stock is trading at 171 USD. The price to earnings is way too low and I believe it will revert once QQQ rebounds too. Most tech firms that weight heavy in the index actually make a ton of money and thus, are not overvalued IMO. Futhermore, Buffet will probably buy more assets if we go down to 150 – 160 USD which should make the stock once again attractive for those who worry about declining Iphone sells. The dividend might be small, but when we include the buy backs (I suspect though that this competision will not adjust for that), then Apple will win in the year of 2019. Also the safety of this investment is something I value too.”

Blog Reader Raymond had the following to say:

“I believe 2019 is going to be a bumpy ride and my gut tells me to stick with either GILD or CELG but after this latest hammering I believe AAPL will be a good time to accumulate a little more…my top 2019 pick will be AAPL”

Hello Suckers had the following to say with his AAPL pick:

“There are tons of great stocks right now on sale so it is hard to pick only one. Out of those I would go with AAPL as it is deeply out of favor. In the past AAPL had selloffs like this one (all 20% or more). A recovery took about two to three years though (one was 2012 – 2014 – 45% drop; and the second 2015 – 2017 – 32% drop; all violent). This drop of 30% is in line with the previous ones and nothing unusual. As long as AAPL keeps innovating and bringing new products this stock will recover and go higher and this presents a good opportunity to buy in cheap. All sell offs are emotions driven (China fear, sales fear, Wall Street Q/Q chasing fear, etc.) and when all this is gone, the stock will go higher again. This may however take longer than 2019. If we see a bottom here at around $163 a share we may see the stock to recover by 2020 or 2021.”

Total return: 88.09%

#3 Garo AB by Swedendivin

Garo AB comes in at #3. Swedendivin had the following to say about the pick:

“Its a company that produce electrical components. I think its undervalue and now we are speeding up the electric car freenzie in Sweden, others will soon to follow.”

Total return: 79.15%

There you have it folks. The top 3 performers from the picks. Congrats on the investors who picked the stock and made saw some great returns over the year.

Rest of the Results

2019 was still a very good year for most other investors. The full set of picks from all the investors are listed below (full screen view here)

My pick of Franco Nevada Corp (FNV) came in at #8 with a 41.4% total return in 2019, which is not bad at all 🙂

Coming Up: Top 2020 Picks

I have reached out for the top 2020 picks and the picks are streaming in. I intend to share the picks with the readers in the coming days….so stay tuned.

Disclosure: Our full list of holdings is available here.

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