3 Recent Buys – CSU, JNJ, BIP


A quick update on three recent purchases in my portfolio. One of these three purchases is a new company in my portfolio. This is a company that I have been obsessively reading about for months now and finally decided that I need to own a piece of it. As a growth-focused company, this may not appear cheap for value investors, but the company has a proven track record of amazing capital allocation, diligent screening process for its growth through acquisitions, a legendary leader, cornering various niche markets…and the list goes on.

  • First purchase: I initiated a new position in Constellation Software Inc (CSU.TO) with 8 shares @ $1,160.71. As mentioned above, this company has a lot going for it and owns various vertical market software companies (see list of companies here). If you are not familiar with CSU…in essence, it is the Berkshire Hathaway of the software world headed by none other than Mark Leonard. I am starting off with a decent sized position and will add more if there is any weakness in share prices in the coming months.
  • Second purchase: After some more litigation news and subsequent drop in share prices, I added 20 shares of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) @ $130.00. JNJ currently yields 2.78% and this purchase adds a further $76 in annual dividends to my income stream.
  • Third purchase: I added 50 shares of Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (BIP.UN.TO) @ CAD$55.98. The stock yields 4.8% and adds US$100.50 in annual dividends.

What are you thoughts on the purchases above. Leave a comment below.

Full Disclosure: Long all stocks mentioned. Our full list of holdings is available here.

5 thoughts on “3 Recent Buys – CSU, JNJ, BIP

  1. JC says:

    I’ve been looking at BIP since I first learned about them from one of your posts. I keep wanting to try and get a 5% yield on it but the markets haven’t been cooperating. I think it might be a situation where I need to just pick up maybe a 1/4 position and then just be patient on adding.

    • BIP has some amazing real assets all over the world – pipelines, toll roads, port operators & railroads, cell towers, data centers….whats not to like! The Brookfield group sure knows how to accumulate quality assets. It is possible you might get a 5% on it if theres a broad market crash like we had in Q4 2018. I had some lowball offers which didnt get executed at the time and am kicking myself for not picking up more shares back then. Oh well…thats the nature of the game. 4.8% is still a good yield though, now that it is all but guaranteed that interest rates are heading lower — so hunt for yield in stocks will be back in fashion.


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