Outlook for April 2019

The stock market is on a tear lately with plenty of companies hitting all time highs, as central bank liquidity and FOMO from investors continue driving the increased stock demand. Valuations remain silly and have gotten even sillier over the past couple of months.

However, on central bank front, the Fed seems to be caving to the market pressure and signaling that the rate hike is done for this cycle. The bond yields continue to fall as the stock and bond market outlook continues to diverge.

Outlook for April 2019

Recent cash contributions to my accounts have increased my cash position lately, so I intend to continue deploying the capital in funds — both in broad stock and bond ETFs, as I am not really finding any screaming individual stock buys currently.

Meanwhile, I also continue researching investment opportunities that are outside the community’s focus either due to cyclical nature or simply because of fear mongering. Stayed tuned on this blog and the Twitter feed for new investment ideas.

As of Mar 31, 2019 our portfolio is diversified as shown below.

Looking for investment ideas? Check out this Top Investment Picks for 2019, where 30+ investors present their top pick and a reason to invest in those securities. Be sure to check out the Q1 Update from a couple of days ago.

What are your thoughts on the points mentioned above? Do you have any specific thoughts on the markets and looking at anything interesting? Are there any stocks that you believe is severely undervalued currently? Share with a comment below.

Full Disclosure: Our full list of holdings is available here.

2 thoughts on “Outlook for April 2019

    • Have been looking at all the valuations closely to add, but everything seems a bit overpriced. So far just sticking to buying index funds instead unless something attractive comes up


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