Top Investment Picks for 2019

Cheesy Finance: Real Estate

“I’m leaning toward real estate (particularly my own). All units are in tip-top condition, no vacancies, good tenants. Hopeing 2019 will be a banner year! Not trusing the general stock market, too many negative signs and massive leverage all around. Betting on a (in my mind) safer cash-flow investment. Expecting a bit more value increase too in 2019, the Dutch housing market is on FIRE! Including the rental market.”

Note: Due to the nature of this pick (private investment), I will not be tracking the progress through the year since I have no way to track the value and P&L. This is included here for info only.

Income Surfer: Kansas City Life Insurance Co (KCLI)

“Kansas City Life Insurance is one of our largest positions. It has no debt, plenty of cash, trades for less than book value, and has an exceedingly ugly chart :o) In all seriousness, it is conservatively run, majority owned by insiders (and their families), sports a large bond portfolio, and pays out a solid dividend. Unless the federal government does something really stupid, and brings out the bond vigilantes, we have likely hit the high yields for the 10 and 30 year treasuries. I think this is a reasonable place to park some of our cash, while collecting a few dividends and watching the company’s bond portfolio increase in value if global rates continue to decline. To sum it up, this is a low risk….. reasonable return……sort of investment.”

Money Maaster: Transcontinental Inc (TSE: TCL.A)

“There were a few companies I considered, but ultimately decided I wanted to pick one that I plan on buying in the new year. TLC is Currently trading at a discount of close to 40% of it’s 52 week high. Their net income and earnings per share have been strong over the last 3 years, and they’ve also raised their dividend every year since 2001. TCL is buying back their own shares aggresively as well.”

Monsieur Dividende: Kraft Heinz Co (KHC)

“It’s at an ultimate low. It could make an acquisition à la Unilever. Maybe Warren’s magic wand will do the trick. Long shot. But eh, it’s fun no?”

My Own Advisor: BlackRock Inc (BLK)

“The trend to low-cost investing is not going to stop. BlackRock is approaching an amazing $7 trillion in assets under management. Well off 52-week high at the time of this selection; a whopping 34 EPS.”

My Journey to Millions: L Brands Inc (LB)

“Company is trading at PE under 10 and has absolutely been hammered by the market. While I am not a woman I still believe pepole buy a lot of stuff there vs. an amazon”

Passive Income NZ: Restaurant Brands New Zealand Ltd (NZE: RBD)

“Because Taco Bell is finally coming to NZ- I don’t know how good they are, but when Carl’s Jr first came to NZ, Restaurant brands stock started going up. Seriously thought, I’m not an individual stock picker”

Passive Income Pusuit: OceanaGold Corp (ASX:OGC)

“I’ll have to swing for the fences once again. I think Oceanagold is set up nicely, admittedly I don’t follow the individual miners all that much but they have good looking prospects for production growth, relatively to very stable locations and are profitable down to ~$800/oz. Add the business operations with the fact that there’s a lot of potential tailwinds for the gold market so I”ll take a shot here for a stock picking contest. Potential tailwinds: (1) USD losing it’s strength which is why I went with the ASX listed shares since it matters what kind of return in USD that would be made (2) debt issues for the US potentially coming to a head (3) possible fear trade play if the markets get really stupid in 2019”

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23 thoughts on “Top Investment Picks for 2019

  1. Thanks again for doing this. Can’t wait to look back on it, in 3 months, 6 months and 5 years from now!

    Also nice to see a bit more diversification instead of everyone picking bitcoin or weedstocks this year..haha

    All the best!

    • Haha cryptos and weed were the hot sectors last year. Im looking forward to seeing how these picks work out. I am also a bit curious on how the previous years picks worked out on a multi-year scale. Will probably revisit and post on that soon.


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