Top Investment Picks for 2019

DivHutBitcoin (BTC)

“I’m riding the crypto train till the end.”

Dividends Hawk: Nordic Mining ASA (NO:NOM)

“Hopefully in 2019 something concrete will finally start happening.”

Dividend Wisp: Manulife Financial Corp (MFC)

“MFC is steadily growing their dividend, stock price has been beaten down in the last year even though it is growing its operations.”

Dividends Down UnderContrarian Value Fund Ltd (ASX: CVF)

“It could be a good time to be contrarian in 2019, perhaps with high levels of cash too.”

Dividends in HandAlaris Royalty Corp (TSE: AD)

“52-week low, 10% dividend yield, down over 30% in last year; what’s not to like?!?! Rather than being a prime candidate for mean reversion, the recently raised dividend is covered, there’s some positive yearly resets from partners coming, and I think there will be an add-on investment in one of the partners that I like most (plastic surgery chain). Not a cornerstone of a portfolio, but risk\return relationship favours the latter.”

Dutch Independence: Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA)

“Chinese stocks have been hit too hard for what they deserve. The economy is ever growing and the middle class and internet users as well. This puts Alibaba in the perfect position to grow earnings and invest in their future. They have a lot of different businesses and a top class management. I expect a lot from this stock the coming years, and hopefully 2019 will be the start.”

FI Fighter: Birimian Ltd (ASX: BGS)

“Crushed in 2018. Should recover in 2019 when lithium sentiment returns to favor.”

Freedom 35 Blog: Inc (AMZN)

“I think their AWS platform will grow surprisingly fast in 2019. Plus they will continue to take marketshare from brick and mortar stores.”

Hello Suckers: Apple Inc (AAPL)

“There are tons of great stocks right now on sale so it is hard to pick only one. Out of those I would go with AAPL as it is deeply out of favor. In the past AAPL had selloffs like this one (all 20% or more). A recovery took about two to three years though (one was 2012 – 2014 – 45% drop; and the second 2015 – 2017 – 32% drop; all violent). This drop of 30% is in line with the previous ones and nothing unusual. As long as AAPL keeps innovating and bringing new products this stock will recover and go higher and this presents a good opportunity to buy in cheap. All sell offs are emotions driven (China fear, sales fear, Wall Street Q/Q chasing fear, etc.) and when all this is gone, the stock will go higher again. This may however take longer than 2019. If we see a bottom here at around $163 a share we may see the stock to recover by 2020 or 2021.”

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23 thoughts on “Top Investment Picks for 2019

  1. Thanks again for doing this. Can’t wait to look back on it, in 3 months, 6 months and 5 years from now!

    Also nice to see a bit more diversification instead of everyone picking bitcoin or weedstocks this year..haha

    All the best!

    • Haha cryptos and weed were the hot sectors last year. Im looking forward to seeing how these picks work out. I am also a bit curious on how the previous years picks worked out on a multi-year scale. Will probably revisit and post on that soon.


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