Top Investment Picks for 2018

FI Fighter: Wanchain (WAN)

“Chinese Ripple.”

Freedom 35 Blog: Litecoin (LTC)

“Lower transaction fees than Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies will likely continue to gain popularity in 2018. “

Future Freedom ClubMcDonalds Inc (MCD)

“Tax rate being lowered from above 33% closer to 20%. Recent modernization strategies such as kiosks and mobile ordering seem to be going well.”

Income Surfer: Silver

“I think 2018 will be a good year for commodities in general, and I am especially bullish on silver. Between it’s value as a store of wealth and it’s industrial applications, I think it’s value will increase in 2018.”

Intelligent Trend Follower: Blockchain Technologies Ltd (CVE:BTL)

“Admittedly this is a highly speculative pick, but for those equity investors looking for exposure to the growing blockchain space, BTL could be worth a closer look

Investment Hunting: PIVX (PIVX)

(no reason provided)

Life is Like a SpreadsheetNorthern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NAK)

“Going for broke. Here’s to betting that Trump’s EPA chooses mineral deposits over salmon. He’s more of a steak guy anyway.”

Monsieur Dividende: Power Financial Corp (TSE:PWF)

“This stock (which owns many insurance companies such as Great West) will benefit from the rise of interest rates. Go PWF!”

My Own Advisor: Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB)

“Why not? With the legalization of marijuana coming in 2018, let’s see how this speculative pot-sector pick plays out!”

My Journey to Millions: Disney Inc (DIS)

“Content is King and soon enough they’ll own it all!”

Passive Income Mavericks: Qiwi plc (QIWI)

“Reason why you think the pick is the best asset to invest in. Crypto world is just getting started and QIWI will benefit in this blockchain segment.”

Passive Income Pusuit: GB Sciences Inc (GBLX)

“Here’s my picks for the 2018 top picks contest. I’d love to say long volatility/VIX if I could trade it for this contest, but I’m going with 2 picks one is a purely speculative one that might have a shot at winning the contest the other is a more traditional dividend growth pick. (1) GBLX – GB Sciences: Yolo! Actually, I think it’s a decent play as they are a marijuana company that is allowed to do research on marijuana for medicinal purposes. They are actually growing marijuana right now and I think it’s just a matter of time before marijuana is legal across the US. It’s a true go big or go home pick. (2) LOW – Lowe’s Companies: Dividend Champion and surprisingly enough a decent valuation which is more than I can say about a lot of the investment possibilities out there.”

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30 thoughts on “Top Investment Picks for 2018

  1. A very diverse set of picks this year. Interested to seeing if the crypto currencies, commodities and weed stocks can out perform more traditional holdings. Good luck to everyone!

    • Yes, I do see a change in the picks. What used to be just stocks in the past, has now turned into stocks, commodities, cryptos etc…quite a mix here and as you said, very diverse.


  2. JC says:

    Hope that the closing price from 2017 is the start price because if so GBLX is off to a good start at +20% on day 1. Should be fun to track this as the year goes on. Lots of different asset types in this years mix.

  3. This is a nice list. Some of these I am interested in and others I have no interest in. It is awesome to see the opinions of others in the community. Myself I like acquiring commodities at this point regardless if its a gold and silver play or if its an oil and gas play. I am very excited to see what lies ahead for all us in 2018. Good luck to everyone and thanks for sharing R2R.

  4. Always fun to play the “fortune teller” game. I think crypto will continue to make news in 2018. Last year my pick CCP was merged with SBRA. Not sure how that was calculated 🙂 Let’s see where we are in one year.

    • Its a fun exercise. I am not sure how to calculate the merger…so, I left it out of the overall calculations. I guess I could’ve switched to SBRA as your pick? Anyway…lets hope this year is a good one too


  5. Woho, price of my pick is up more than 20%. Nice, btw, to you use total return or price return? I’d say that price return is cheating, because companies like T and my pick, Magnolia, pay a dividend of around 3-6%; which is return, but the price will also fall because of this payment, while others don’t. Should be included if one want’s to compare, but I understand that it will mean more work :/

  6. The Board of Sampo Oyj proposes to the General annual meetingto be held 19 April 2018 a dividend of EUR 2,60 per share (2,30). The dividend propoced to paid 26 March 2018.

    Nice 13% dividend rise.


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