Recent Sell – CHV

A recent sale in my portfolio capturing some significant gains and booking profits.

The recent run-up in Marijuana stocks has been a sight to behold. Investors seem to be in a FOMO frenzy, whether purely an excitement and positioning for the legalization or recreational use of marijuana in Canada come summer 2018, or a Santa Clause rally, or year-end window dressing by institutions…it’s hard to tell. However, when the market offers such spectacular returns in a short amount of time, I remain skeptical of whether this momentum will hold. See the following chart of the Marijuana Index and the returns in the last few weeks/months.

I could be making a mistake by selling too early, but I decided to sell and take my profits in one of my marijuana stock holdings. I came upon this company purely by dumb-luck and decided to gamble and take some risk in my tax free account – and that has paid off pretty well.

I sold and closed my position in Canada House Wellness (CHV.C). I sold CHV.C @ CAD$0.67. I bought the stock just over a month ago and the stock price has more than doubled since.

Total Profit: 112.7%

Holding Period: 35 days

Full Disclosure: Our full list of holdings is available here.

20 thoughts on “Recent Sell – CHV

  1. Take the money and run 🙂 Nice job in such a short amount of time. Now Calif. will join the recreational pot craze and the boom is expected to continue. Still, nothing wrong with locking in some serious gains!

  2. With the global rise in legalization of Marijuana I’m keeping an eye on what this could mean for my tobacco stocks and how they plan to profit from it. It could be a boon slam dunk for a company like UVV who grows tobacco to diversify into marijuana as well.

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