2 Recent Buys – PAAS, ABCN


A quick update on a couple of recent purchases in my portfolio. For this round, I added to existing positions in my portfolio in the commodities and marijuana sectors.

  • First purchase: I added 50 shares of Pan American Silver Corp (PAAS.TO) @ CAD$18.88. This week’s quarterly results saw a drop in the revenue and earnings. PAAS hit some roadblocks during the quarter and there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the assets or the management’s execution. This was a great opportunity for me to nibble and add more shares as investors punished with a 8% drop in share price post-earnings. The company continues to drive average costs down, and continues to exceed previous targets for the year.
  • Second purchase: Following up from my initial investment in a MMJ stock last month, I bought a second tranche with 1,500 shares in ABCann Global Corp (ABCN.V) @ CAD$0.99.

Full Disclosure: Long ABCN.V, PAAS. Our full list of holdings is available here.

8 thoughts on “2 Recent Buys – PAAS, ABCN

  1. Steve Moore says:

    For the U.S. taxpayers who like me have enjoyed the income stream from Canadian stocks including REITs, there are some consequences for taxable accounts hidden in the first draft of the House tax plan are 2 changes to current law if, enacted, would make investing in Canadian stocks AND in REITs less attractive. First, on page 316 is “Disallowance of Foreign Tax Credit” which would mean after paying 15 0r 25% to Canada the dividends would be taxed again by the IRS. The second, on page 48, would seem to establish a 25% rate specifically for ordinary dividends from REITs. For Canadian REITs this could be a double whammy – no credit for taxes paid to Canada, then 25% tax by the IRS. Of course these are only proposed, but fair chance if the GOP succeeds in passing an overhaul of the tax code these would be in it. Hope my interpretations are wrong.

  2. Still liking the silver I see. All good when you can take advantage of a nice overreaction drop, especially if nothing has fundamentally changed with the company. Still waiting to see how mainstream marijuana will become as more multinational corps. start to enter the space. Keep on buying!

    • Yeah I decided to nibble a bit after the drop. Fundamentally nothing has changed and as this broad market’s bull run continues longer, I find that I am better off in the real asset space, esp precious metals.

      The MMJ field is new to me….looking to learn more in the coming months.


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