Top Dividend Raises & Cuts for August 2017

Dividend growth investing is a popular model followed by the investing community to build assets. Companies which not only pay dividends, but raise them year after year have been shown to perform better overall for investor returns. On the flip side, it is also important to keep an eye on the dividend cuts, which could signal troubling times ahead for a company. This post captures the announcements of changes in dividend amount for the week – both increases and cuts.

Note that only $2B+ (Midcap+) companies are included in this list.

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Passive Income Update – Aug 2017

Welcome to our monthly passive income update for August 2017. This is part of the scorecard series where we track our dividends and other sources of passive income. We also include changes and updates related to our investments during the month – showing the overall progress.

Passive Income  Update

Passive income for the month of August 2017 was C$821.17. The passive income for the month comprised of US$296.63 and C$453.35 (exchange rate is US$1 = C$1.24).

Passive income change is -7.4% QoQ and 50.3% YoY for the month. The passive income YTD is $5,656.56 (not a typo 🙂 ) and achieves 56.5% of our annual goal of earning $10K.

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Outlook for September 2017

Is there anything that will make investors falter during these times? The market seems to be resilient to any/all bad news that comes its way as things are brushed aside and the march to new highs continue. However, there is no dearth of major issues on the horizon, with margin accounts sitting at record, auto-loan delinquencies piling up, household debt load skyrocketing, pensions debacle starting to unwind, US debt-ceiling on track to hit in late Sep/early Oct and many many more. 
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