2017 Top Investment Picks – Q2 Update

At the beginning of the year, I put together a list of top picks from the investment community and track them on this website. This is just meant to be a fun exercise to see how the picks do. As part of the process, I intend do provide quarterly updates on the picks to see how they are doing. This is the update after Q2.

Note that you can track the progress anytime by going to the Stock Picks page.

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Outlook for July 2017

Markets continue their march higher, week after week. June turned out to be another month with the market hitting all time highs. Nothing seems to worry the investors these days. Why would it, especially when you have the Fed chair saying that we will not see another financial crisis in our lifetime. No need to worry right? 😉 If there was any doubt of hubris in the market, this should be it, imo.  
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