Recent Sell – Critical Elements Corp

A sale in my portfolio after a while. It is always hard to sell when things are going well. I was faced with this conundrum last week, but decided that it was time to take my profits and enjoy the fruits of my patience in a microcap stock that I owned for just over a year.

I sold 4,800 shares and closed my position in Critical Elements Corp (CRE.V) at C$1.01.

There is nothing wrong with the company whatsoever and still provides one of the most promising and lucrative deals in the Lithium space. The Rose project in Quebec is one of the best upcoming projects out there and the company has done a great job. In addition, the company also has an offtake agreement with Helm AG, which makes it an ultra secure play in the space. However, the returns were tempting enough for me to take my profits after the recent rally.

I bought shares over the course two months in May and June of 2016 in three separate tranches. Average cost basis was C$0.61. So, this trade netted me a neat 61% total return.

Total Profit: $1,776 (61%)

Holding Period: 12-13 months

Full Disclosure: Our full list of holdings are available here.

8 thoughts on “Recent Sell – Critical Elements Corp

  1. You know the saying, “Take the money and run.” That’s a nice return for just one year on this micro-cap. I have to admit I never heard of this name but I guess that should be expected as I don’t screen for micro-caps. I guess the closest thing to a lithium play for me would be ALB. Keep buying, collecting dividends, holding, selling and buying again 🙂

    • ALB is a pretty good name in the Li space. But the real money is to be made in microcaps. Just need to spend the time reading and researching the companies in the space. For a slightly safer bet, if you are interested, take a look at LAC. Current valuation also looks great


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