Quarterly Update – Q1 2017

Welcome to the quarterly update for Q1 2017. This is part of  a series where I track our financial progress on a quarterly basis. I present three parts in this series: (i) Investment & Portfolio Update, (ii) Passive Income Update, and (iii) Goals Update.

1. Investment & Portfolio Update

Q1 2017 saw a decent amount of activity in our portfolio.
We initiated/added to the following positions.

We continued adding to the following funds

  • BMO S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF (ZCN.TO)
  • Vanguard All-World Ex-Canada Index ETF (VXC.TO)
  • BMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF (ZAG.TO)
  • BMO Emerging Bond Index ETF (ZEF.TO)
  • Vanguard Emerging Market Bond ETF (VWOB)
  • US Equity Index (Seg) Fund
  • Intl Equity Index (Seg) Fund
  • Scotia Monthly Income (Mutual) Fund

Reduced/Closed positions: We reduced exposure in the following funds in Q1

In addition, I traded in and out of New Gold. Purchase post & sale post detailed here.

Q1 saw 10 (+1 initiation) dividend increase announcements in our portfolios. The companies from our portfolios increasing their dividends and details of portfolio changes are summarized below.

Overall, the portfolio performance has been pretty amazing so far in 2017. The following is a screenshot from StockRover where I track my portfolio and as you can see, the YTD performance for all of our holdings have been pretty fantastic.

2. Passive Income Update

A great quarter on the passive income front. During the quarter, we managed to earn a passive income of $2,067.19.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4


$383.65 $516.32 $718.33 $1,063.97


$1,322.47 $951.18 $1,055.79 $1,803.90


$1,546.87 $1,960.10 $2,076.81 2,256.01


2,167.95 2,404.43 1,965.95 2,561.37



You can read our previous quarterly updates here.

“Other” Passive Income

Passive income that we achieve is split between investments from dividend paying companies and what I call other sources of passive income, which includes cash back rewards credit card, advertising revenue from this blog, interest on cash and writing premium articles for Seeking Alpha. As you can see from the chart below, our other category has performed well. Our passive income from the ‘other’ sources saw continued traction in Q1 2017, providing us with some great overall passive income – which we proceed to invest into stocks and funds to compound our growth.

I realize that some of our sources of passive income are not completely passive, as it requires us to put some time and effort into it. However, I consider these sources to be semi-passive and I wrote an article to capture my thoughts on the scale of passivity of each income type. Be sure to check out Passivity of Income.

3. Goals Update

Onto the goals that I set and see how we did overall on that front.

  • Earn $10,000 in annual passive income On Target!
    • Passive income YTD is $2,067 (achieved 20.67% of goal)
  • Start two portfolios for our daughter – one for post-secondary education via RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) and the other- a DRIP plan Achieved!
    • I started the two portfolios mentioned and have been making regular contributions to grow these accounts. See the details here.
  • Pay down an extra 25% towards mortgage debt
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That’s all folks! Thanks for reading. Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom – I love to hear from the readers on your thoughts and opinions.

16 thoughts on “Quarterly Update – Q1 2017

  1. That is a good quarter. The daughter will be happy later on when she understands all that you did for her.

    We also save for our kids in investment accounts. Sadly, it can only be done in taxable accounts in Belgium

    • Thanks AT. The portfolio for my daughter is something I am proud of. I hope to keep this growing over the years and pass it on to her.

      Thats too bad you cant have tax shelters for your kids’ investments. Still, good that you are doing it albeit in a taxable account.

  2. Great job! You’re well on your target! My target is $13k and I am drastically behind! 🙂 But I think I still have a chance!

    Keep it up,

    Passive Income Dude

  3. JC says:

    Looks like a great start to 2017. We’ve got plenty of things on our plate now and looking out to the rest of the year we’ll need to get an educational account opened for our daughter as well and move over some accounts that my wife has to self directed because I’m sure we’re paying way too much in a management fee. All the best the rest of the year.

    • The management fees creep in even when you try to minimize — I have a couple of funds, but I keep drawing down from them each year to reduce the cost. All the best with the new investments and looking forward to read about your daughter’s new portfolio when you get started.


  4. Hi, R2R. Nice site you have here. Also impresive results. And to think that you have 2 daugters 🙂 Having children and being dividend investor is a huge chalange. I have my micro investmens and not so ambitous goals as I have to balance them with my other side. We are also planing to have family increase. Interesting how things will work our from there 🙂 BTW have JNJ in my portfolio as well, great stock. Also I added INTC and planning for T. I see you have diferent strategy toward investments.

    Best regards.

    • Hi Project2035,
      Thanks for stopping by…I have been away fro a while and finally catching up. Your site is new to me and I will stop by and check it out.
      Btw, I have one daughter, not two.


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