2017 Top Investment Picks – Q1 Update

At the beginning of the year, I put together a list of top picks from the investment community and track them on this website. This is just meant to be a fun exercise to see how the picks do. As part of the process, I intend do provide quarterly updates on the picks to see how they are doing.Β This is the update after Q1.

Note that you can track the progress anytime by going to the Stock Picks page.

At the end of Q1, the top picks stand as shown below.

2017 Top Investment Picks – Q1 Returns Snapshot

One of the world’s largest companies leads the way with a 24.5% total return! Who would’ve thought!! Congrats to all the Apple Inc (AAPL) shareholders and esp Dividend Beginner for leading the way. Good to see some all round great numbers from the picks.

Happy Hunting


25 thoughts on “2017 Top Investment Picks – Q1 Update

  1. Thanks for the update R2R. Apple has been on a tear.

    I am not google spreadsheet savvy, but is it possible to also calculate total returns (or have dividends pull in automatically somehow). I am curious what our aggregate returns are.

  2. Not off to a great start with Gilead, which isn’t surprising since it hasn’t done anything yet on the acquisition front. It did give a nice 10.6% dividend boost though, so not all is lost!

  3. You didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway. If I had to hold one stock for the next decade, it would be Google. I also believe that it will be the first company to a $1,000,000,000,000 market cap, despite Apple’s sizable lead (Apple could get there first though with the iPhone X coming out).

  4. Last place!!! LOL to be expected I guess… BGS has got to be the most frustrating stock they I’ve ever owned…

    Deeply undervalued here and I wouldn’t be surprised the least bit if it’s back up 20% later this year.

    New management and a world class asset should win out over time.

    Congrats to everyone else with much better picks YTD! πŸ™‚

    All the best!

    • If theres anything Ive learned over the last year, its how fast things change and catapult the mining stocks ahead of others. BGS has some great resources at hand, and Im sure it will recover.

      All the best

    • Nt sure what happened here and why only “Dig” appeared. But I was saying that I love the progress and love seeing how consistent JNJ falls in the middle of the pack. Nothing like a list of great companies here to keep me entertained this afternoon.


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