Outlook for March 2017

The insanity continues! The DJIA continued posting all-time highs for 12 consecutive days in February. One would think that investors would care about valuation and safeguard their hard earned dollars, but since There Is No Alternative (TINA), US stock market investors continue getting herded to the edge of the cliff. What I do find amusing in the financial media is that there is acknowledgement that things are getting worse (earnings forecast and guidance is terrible, stock buybacks are slowing etc), but just haven’t reached fever pitch hubris as in past bubbles. Waiting for the market to get that state just seems like a recipe for disaster as every Joe Investor likes to call non-participant morons for not participating and reminding “Time in the market is more important than timing the market”. If I had a penny everytime I heard that mindless phrase thrown around, I’d be a lot closer to retirement 🙂 
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