Recent Sell – Seg Funds

As part of my new(ish) employment changes, I was offered a retirement matching plan. The catch was that I had to choose from a pool of segregated funds offered by an insurance company. These funds come with high management fees but in order to not leave money on the table, I decided to make regular contributions. I originally documented this in this post.

Once a year, I am given a freebie to withdraw funds and move them to my other self-directed retirement accounts, and I decided this was as good a time as any. I sold my positions in the following two funds. Going forward I will be repeating this move each January, so that my overall expenses fees remain low.

  • US Equity Index Seg Fund
  • International Equity Seg Fund

I will continue taking advantage of this benefit from my work and regular contributions into these funds will continue as usual on a monthly basis.

Full disclosure: Our full list of holdings are available here.

10 thoughts on “Recent Sell – Seg Funds

    • Thanks for the link, FerdiS. I’ll have to stop by and check it out. I will be putting most of this into index funds — whether the same funds I own or others, I am undecided at the moment. So many different fund strategies out there — hard to pick 🙂 Hopefully I’ll reach a decision soon.


  1. Thanks for the updates on this front. I agree that the free money probably beats out the high management fee. Interesting situation. Hope the new work is going well 🙂

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