Correction – Passive Income Update

Quick update as I missed out in including my segregated fund dividend income in the recent income report.

As part of my new work compensation, I have a sponsored retirement (RRSP) program and the only options available were seg funds. I initially wrote about it here and I contribute regularly as I do not want to leave money on the table, even though the funds are expensive. Turns out that the plan administrator does not disclose all info on their site and I had to go looking into the detailed statements to get this info when I realized that I hadn’t seen any income reported on the main page. Instead of going back to each quarter, I have simply added it to the December income and updated the charts below.

Total dividend income from the seg funds in 2016: $316.84

As a result, I have now happily achieved our 2016 goal of earning $9K in passive income 🙂 Passive income for 2016 now totals $9,099.70.

Updated charts are presented below.


Disclosure: Our full list of holdings is available here.


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