Recent Buy – Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp


A quick update on a recent purchase in my portfolio this week. I had a GTC order sitting on this company for a little while which got executed and I managed to pick up a nice chunk of shares at a decent valuation.

I bought 200 shares of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp (AQN.TO) @ C$11.00. The company currently yields 5% adding US$84.70 (the company pays dividends in US$) to my forward dividend income.

Only new developed since last purchase earlier this year is that the company is now cross-listed on the NYSE (symbol: AQN). Other than that, its business as well. The company is well run, provides great exposure to US utilities in all three subsectors — electric, natural gas and water, has arguably the most impressive revenue growth and earnings growth story in the sector, and offers lucrative dividends, which are expected to rise by 8-10% over the next few years.

To read a more detailed description, check out my last post where I profiled this company.

Recent Buy – Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp

Full Disclosure: Long AQN.TO. My full list of holdings can be found here.


14 thoughts on “Recent Buy – Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp

  1. Thanks for mentioning this. It looks pretty appealing. EMA.TO is another one that’s on my radar. Love when those limit orders come through unexpectedly!

  2. Good to hear! I picked up a few shares again myself in November. I’m expecting they will raise their dividend again sometime in the first quarter or two of the new year. Their Empire buy should help boost for USD revenue. And if the CAD keeps going down, we will do even better!

    Happy holding.

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