American Water Works Dividend Stock Analysis 2016


American Water Works Company (AWK) is the largest publicly traded water company serving approximately 15 million people in U.S. and Canada. It operates approximately 81 surface water treatment plants with approximately 500 groundwater treatment plants and 1,000 groundwater wells; 100 wastewater treatment facilities, 1,200 treated water storage facilities, 1,400 pumping stations, 81 dams, and 49,000 miles of mains and collection pipes.


American Water Works appears to have turned the company around and cleaned up its books since facing a lot of challenges a few years ago. Earnings and free cash flow have turned positive and dividends have continued to grow over the years. The company provides a great opportunity for investors looking to water exposure, although it appears to be a bit overvalued currently.

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4 thoughts on “American Water Works Dividend Stock Analysis 2016

  1. Thans for the link to your analysis! AWK shares keep popping up on my screens and I have been curious to learn more about this potential investment – thanks for making that easy! 🙂

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