Simply Wall St Review

I recently came across a new (new to me) financial data visualization called Simply Wall St. Right away, the interface was addictive from this Australian fintech start-up — providing a quick visual of how a company is currently positioned – based on something called a snowflake – a great visualization which shows investors how a company is currently valued based on various categories (more on this below). I try a lot of different financial tools available on the internet, but so far have been fairly disappointed with most and there are only a couple that stand out. Now, the other tools will have to fight hard for my subscription dollars after I tried and am honestly hooked on Simply Wall St.

Full Disclosure: I have signed up as a user on Simply Wall St and please note the links included in this article are affiliate links. You can still sign up for a free version, and if you choose to upgrade to a paid version, I will earn a small percentage of the sales generated. With that disclosure out of the way, lets get on to the review. I have also added an image linked on the sidebar, so if you are planning on signing up, please consider using the link on the sidebar.

Simply Wall St Review


First thing that the users will notice is something that Simply Wall St calls a snowflake – a blob that has two aspects to it – color and shape. The snowflake changes colors based on each company’s strength or weakness in each category. The snowflake comes in different shapes based on the following five categories: (i) Value, (ii) Expected future performance, (iii) Past performance, (iv) Financial health, and (v) Dividend income.

The snowflake is by far one of the my favorite features of the tool, which provides a very quick overview of how a company is positioned currently. It is no secret that humans process visual data better than pure words and numbers to construct an abstract concept in mind — and this is where Simply Wall St shines. The following video provides a quick overview of understanding the snowflake.

You can scroll down the page, say for the most popular stocks in the market, and with just one quick visual, comprehend whether a company is positioned to outperform with good financial health and dividends, while being undervalued. The following screenshot shows how various different companies are positioned currently. A quick look will shed some light saying that CVS Health (CVS) provides better value and dividends compared to Gilead Sciences (GILD) or Schlumberger (SLB).


Company Page

Once you figure out a candidate company to research, each company page is also a treasure trove of information. The page is broken down in the components of the snowflake. In addition to the snowflake, other information such as management team info, company info, announcement and news pages are included. The company data is provided by S&P Capital IQ and stock exchanges currently supported are US (NYSE and NASDAQ), UK (LSE) and Australia (ASX). The following screenshots show part of the blocks for each section of the snowflake for Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).

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Investing Ideas

Simply Wall St provides Grid Views where users can look for various different categories. Popular stocks can be seen in a grid as shown in image at the start of this article above. But Simply Wall St gives a lot of different options, which I personally thought were a fantastic feature. The following a screenshot of the top Grid Views available (there’s a lot more as you scroll down that page).


Advanced Filtering

If those ideas weren’t enough to whet your appetite, users can choose to create custom filters to pick and choose companies. Again, this is all based on the criteria defined earlier. You can drag the snowflake in one direction and the tool will filter companies based on what your top priority is. In addition filtering can be changed based on market cap, discounted free cash flow value, and P/E, PEG, and P/B ratios.


Portfolio Insight

The tool also has a portfolio page, where your positions can be specified. The portfolio page also has some unique information with some great visuals and provides a great perspective. Most tools Ive used in the past have never had this level of detail and breakdown of information provided in a such a neat way.

Note that this is not my portfolio and is just an example portfolio provided by Simply Wall St.

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Simply Wall St is one of the best fintech tools Ive come across in a while. The tool provides a treasure trove of information and provides investors with various investment ideas depending on five categories that are represented in a snowflake form. The snowflake is unique to Simply Wall St providing instant information on value, future performance, past performance, financial health and dividends. The snowflake is also color coded to show relative value. Each company page then provides a breakdown of the data and analysis of the company which is easy to comprehend. Simply Wall St. also provides various grid views for various different styles of investing such as Deep Value, High Growth Potential, Dividend Rock Stars, Big Green Snowflakes, Nano Cap Stocks etc. If those grid views do not provide enough investment ideas, investors can choose to try advanced custom filtering and choose various options to fine tune the categories. In addition, the portfolio page provides a great perspective on how your portfolio is currently positioned in the market.

I highly recommend giving Simply Wall St a trial as a free version is available for all users to try and explore. I am on a premium version and this tool has been addictive and has managed to capture my imagination for the past few days. To sign up, click on the image below:



18 thoughts on “Simply Wall St Review

  1. Thanks for the great review! I also reviewed Simplg Wall St on my website last year – it has been a really great tool for fundamentally oriented investors. As you said, they’ve done a great job visualizing a ton of data in a really unique way. For me it has really sped up my analysis. Thanks for the reminder to keep using it!

  2. Thank you for the review. I tried the portfolio part, but just as with most programms it doesn’t work if you are not a US investor. I’m from Europe and I have US, Canadian and European stocks. I can only find my US stocks in the programm.

    It’s a pitty I can’t find a good programm that tailors to European investores or US investors that invest outside of the US.

      • Yeah it’s not bad. I guess a couple of the categories are harder to estimate / justify like the future and value. Different people will have different opinions about what a company’s future and value are 🙂


  3. I just registered on their site and love the visual data. most of the raw data is available via my brokerage accounts but I will have to do a lot of calculations myself. This really gives me quick and comprehensive info about the company. Still contemplating the value of paid subscription. Let me see what else I discover there in the next two weeks.

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