Recent Buy – B2Gold Corp

Whenever I make a purchase, I like to share my buys to document my journey towards financial independence. As regular readers are aware, I have broken from the pack of DGI and sold some of my investments to move to a cash position. I shared details on my motivation to do so in this post. In that post, I have indicated that I am bullish only on one sector currently — the resource/materials sector, and more specifically gold and silver.

I continued adding to my precious metals equity sector as I still see tremendous value. Last week, I added to my position in B2Gold Corp (BTO.TO) (also trades as NYSE:BTG) with 700 shares @ C$3.45. The company does not pay any dividends

I usually present my thesis on why I bought a particular investment security and present the risks associated in the Recent Buys posts. In this case, I will simply link to my last post on B2Gold purchase as nothing has changed as far as the outlook goes since my last purchase.

Recent Buy – B2Gold Corp

Full Disclosure: My full list of holdings can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Recent Buy – B2Gold Corp

    • Thanks Tristan.
      Im ok that it doenst pay dividends….they are putting the cash to good work — and no bloody buybacks, like the rest of the megacaps 🙂

      These are medium-term trades — I will be riding this bull market and wont be holding it in eternity.

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