Chatter Around the World – 156

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Equity Returns Drivers by Market YTD 2016

Image Source: BlackRock Blog

I missed out on the weekly links post last week as I was on vacation in California…so here goes two weeks worth of links ūüôā

New Blog Posts

Let’s dive into the links that caught my attention this week.

Updates from My Portfolio Holdings

Interesting Reads

Dividend Reads

Dividend Stock Analysis

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Chatter Around the World – 156

    • It’s an interesting chart isn’t it? As expected a lot of returns are coming from multiple expansion and its reached a point where it’s hitting the limits.

      Enjoy the reads

  1. JC says:


    For me it’s a bit surprising to see the UK doing well in that chart. At least if you listen to the pundits everything is practically dead there and the Brexit was the start of the fall.

    Thanks for the mentions and I hope you have a great weekend. Where at in California were you? I’ve never been but one of my dream trips is to drive the PCH.

    • Hi JC,
      Note the footnote that all those returns (except EM) are is local currency. So in GBP terms, the stock market has done well, but when you consider that the GBP has devalued by more than 10%, the picture isn’t as rosy.

      We were in the Bay Area. Spent a few days in San Jose visiting family and then spent a couple of days in San Francisco. PCH drive is on my bucket list too ?


  2. The new tax in BC is an interesting development, I wonder if this will finally be what pricks that real estate bubble? I’d love to invest in something there after a big correction.

    • Hi SLM,
      BC may have finally pricked its own bubble. We’ll have to wait and see what impact it has as I’ve heard misleading reports on whether it was foreign money or not that was driving up the home prices. One report said 5% and another said 30%. Perhaps this move will shed some light on what’s happening.


      • Yeah I’ve heard conflicting reports about what % foreign buyers made up. Also seems to be some articles now reporting Ontario is thinking of following suit. Would be crazy if that bubble pops too!

        • Oh really? I didnt hear about Ontario planning to do that….will be interesting to see how things work out. Canada could be shooting itself in the foot with such moves — when such large sums of money are coming into the country, they are trying to block them. I think Australia introduced something similar at a national level recently and Canada is following suit. I read recently that the amount of cash seized crossing the border has also risen significantly over the last couple of years.


    • Thanks Tristan. It was a great holiday — too bad it had to end ūüôĀ
      Most mainstream media here in N.America ignores Australian market — but I’d like to see where it ended up too.


  3. Hi R2R — hope you had a great time visiting California and my neck of the woods, the Bay Area!

    Thanks for these weekend posts. I particularly like the charts you find and post. Always very thought-provoking or informative!

    Take care
    FerdiS, DivGro

    • Hi FerdiS,
      Glad you liked the chart. I always keep an eye out for interesting charts ūüôā

      I take a trip down to the Bay Area every few years — maybe the next time Im down there I will give you a shoutout. This was too short a trip for a meetup.


  4. That picture says 1,000 words. Market returns are coming nearly entirely from valuation multiple gains and dividends – earnings are not growing. That cannot last for too long.

    Thanks for including my 10 Dividend Tips article in this week’s chatter around the world!

    • Earnings multiple has been a bit contribution and this chart confirms the thesis.

      You are welcome, Ben. Thanks for putting out some quality articles week after week. Keep up the great work

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