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Whenever I make a purchase, I like to share my buys to document my journey towards financial independence. As regular readers are aware, I have broken from the pack of DGI and sold some of my investments to move to a cash position. I shared details on my motivation to do so in this post. In that post, I have indicated that I am bullish only on one sector currently — the resource/materials sector, and more specifically gold and silver.

As part of my first moves, I had initiated positions in two silver-focused companies — a streaming company: Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW.TO) and a mining company: Pan American Silver Corp (PAA.TO). Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you have noticed the meteoric rise in silver over the first half of the year. Silver still continues to perform very well and still presents the best investment outlook compared to other options. I reinforced my position by adding more shares last week.

I added to my position in Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW.TO) with 50 shares @ C$31.50. The company yields 0.8% adding US$10 to my annual passive income. Nothing to write home about. But as I mentioned in earlier posts, this move is not about dividends.

I usually present my thesis on why I bought a particular investment security and present the risks associated in the Recent Buys posts. In this case, I will simply link to my last post on Silver Wheaton purchase as nothing has changed as far as the outlook goes since my last purchase.

Recent Buy – Silver Wheaton Corp

Full Disclosure: Long PAA.TO, SLW.TO. My full list of holdings can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Recent Buy – Silver Wheaton Corp

  1. Looks like there is good upside for SLW remaining, based on where the stock several years ago — perhaps even triple digits from current levels.

    As you say, this investment is not about dividends…

    FerdiS, DivGro

    • Thats right, FerdiS. There are lot of upside potential for SLW as the worlds largest streaming company.

      Silver is still very cheap at $20/oz and with each $ increase in spot price, SLW stands to benefit big time as their spread increases based on the contracts they have in place (some of their contracts have them rights to buy silver at $4/oz from mining companies).


    • Thanks Tristan. This stock keeps rising due to the increased margins that the company will be seeing. I definitely intend to add when theres any pullback/consolidation.

      Thanks for stopping by

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