Chatter Around the World – 151

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The Buyback Binge Continues

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Chatter Around the World – 151

    • Puts things in perspective, doesnt it? FactSet puts out some great research data — and I was looking forward to see what the latest quarterly buyback results looked like. I was expecting a bit more slowdown and was thinking that it might be running out of steam, … but oh no, it marches on.


  1. Love the chart R2R. It perfectly illustrates how management can destroy shareholder value by buying back large amounts of stock at inflated prices! Most are not Henry Singleton of Teledyne fame 🙂

    I hope you guys have a great weekend

  2. Thanks for including me in your weekly round-up post.

    I really enjoyed your ‘Reset’ post from last week. My favorite part was reading about why you chose to sell certain holdings. In particular, Cineplex has always been on my watchlist, but I find it ridiculously expensive. The same could be said for P&G. People will always second guess your decisions, but at the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re comfortable with the path you have chosen.

    • Thanks DiH.
      Glad you like the ‘Reset’ post. Thats the thing with investing — theres no ‘One size fits all’ and theres always second-guessing. I continue to second guess myself every single day. I continue to challenge my ideas and knock them down when it doesnt make sense anymore…Getting married to one idea because it has worked for some people or even myself in the past is one sure-fire way to lose money.

      Best wishes

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