Passive Income Update – February 2016

Welcome to our monthly passive income update for February 2016. This is part of the scorecard series where we track our dividends and other sources of passive income. We also include changes and updates related to our investments during the month – showing the growth of our dividends going forward.

Passive Income  Update

Passive income for the month of February 2016 was C$626.84. The passive income for the month comprised of US$340.01 and C$167.83 (exchange rate is US$1 = C$1.35).

Monthly Passive Income Feb 2016

Passive income change is -7.15% QoQ (thanks to the dividend cut from KMI) and +24.58% YoY for the month. The passive income YTD achieves 14.50% of our annual goal of earning $9K.

Passive Income Feb 2016

Passive income contributing entities:


  • Apple Inc (AAPL)
  • AT&T Inc (T)
  • Cineplex Inc (CGX.TO)
  • Inter Pipeline Ltd (IPL.TO)
  • Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI)
  • Main Street Capital (MAIN)
  • Omega Healthcare Investors Inc (OHI)
  • Realty Income Corp (O)
  • RioCan REIT (REI.UN.TO)
  • The Jean Coutu Group (PJC.A.TO)


  • BMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF (ZAG.TO)
  • Scotia Diversified Monthly Income Fund (mutual fund)


The breakdown of our passive income contributing entities: dividends from stocks and funds totaled $256.85 and other passive income totaled $369.99. Read more about why we consider this as passive income in the Passivity Index post.

Portfolio Update

Dividend Increases

February saw dividend increase announcement from the following in our current holdings.

Added Positions

Closed Position

That’s all folks! Hope you had a great February as well. Be sure to share your thoughts, comments or concerns below. I love hearing from the readers.

Disclosure: My full list of holdings is available here.

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24 thoughts on “Passive Income Update – February 2016

  1. Great year over year results and nice list of dividend payers lining your pockets for Feb. Of course, seeing nice divvy increases from ADM and TD doesn’t hurt either. Keep it up. I always love seeing monthly results from our fellow DGI’ers.

    • Thanks buddy. Each month, a bit of progress will keep that snowball rolling. Im happy to share this journey with you too.

      Upwards and onwards with our FI journey!

      Best wishes

  2. Congrats on a great month. I’m always inspired by your posts. I haven’t been paying much attention to the exchange rate. Looks like i need to consider a Vancouver or Toronto trip to take advantage of the exchange rate.

    • Hahah…its a great time to travel to Canada — with the Loonie so cheap. The flipside is that it sucks for us to travel anywhere outside the country. I hear that some regions like Florida and Arizona which sees a lot of snowbird Canadians each winter have seen declining revenues. Thats just the nature of the game, I suppose.

      Thanks for the wishes.

  3. Roadmap!

    Awesome!! Record month and that’s what it’s all about, as well as great names AND great news for dividend increases you had with ADM and TD. Congratulations – you are doing so well and it’s an inspiration to us all – please keep it going!! Here is to a blessed march for you!


    • Thanks for the wishes, Lanny.
      Its good to get those dividend increases, isnt it? Feb is usually a great month for the announcements and Im happy with how many I got.

      Hope your Feb was just as great as mine.


  4. Dividends are definitely something to shoot for. I have been just buying IVV, almost $2K a month now. In addition to my rental income, it should be enough…

    Dividend cuts, and stock price declines, is one reason I just do an index ETF. No commissions, no need to sell and pay capital gains, etc.

    • Theres definitely a strong case for using ETFs – and I complement our dividend stocks with ETS. Thats a neat sum of cash going into investments. You should have a nice little income stream building up from that.

      Keep it up and thanks for sharing

  5. The graph gives a nice view on the power of regular investing and compounding. The trend is positive.
    You got some nice dividend increases as well this month!

    Keep rolling

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