Recent Buy – Starbucks Corp

As is customary, I document and share all my recent purchases. The stock market has had a terrible start to 2016 – with equities across the board falling. Even with that, we were not able to pick up any shares that were in our buy range – but that finally one came along last week. I had entered a couple of GTC orders and one of them got executed.

Last week, we added to our position in Starbucks Corp (SBUX) with 25 shares @ $54.80. The stock yields 1.47% adding $20.00 to our annual dividend income.

Recent Buy Decision

Starbucks has been my top pick for 2015 and 2016 and I have written a lot about the prospects of Starbucks. Its a great company that is growing fast and expanding immensely both in US and  international markets.

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11 thoughts on “Recent Buy – Starbucks Corp

  1. Nice pickup of SBUX! I would love to open a position with them, as it maintains a terrific outlook for further growth and dividend increases. I spend a ton of money there, so it’s only natural I should eventually buy and recoup some of my money I spend there. 🙂

    • Haha…same here. My wife has spent a fortune at Starbucks over the years, and I spend quite a bit too. I should get something out of this right?

      I put in a limit order of 10% lower than the trading price a few weeks ago and it finally got triggered. Im tempted to put in another lowball order


  2. JT says:

    Yes!! I am a fan of this company. I would purchase more at these levels but am trying to add shares to AAPL and DIS now. I haven’t completely forgotten about it though. Great purchase!


    • Yes, the PE is a bit high, but faster growing companies demand a high premium. The revenue growth and earnings growth is phenomenal – and in such cases a higher premium can be justified.


  3. The next purchase in my wife’s 401(k) will be Starbucks, she wants it so she’ll get it…I have to keep her interested is this stuff some how, haha.

    I think it is a great company though, I live right by one and it is always packed (and they just started selling beer and wine).

    Quality piece of the puzzle!

  4. I have SBUX on my watch list but not in my portfolio yet. For now, with the market diving lower I’d rather focus on my current positions and average down. I do like the company and do see a lot of runway ahead as it’s still growing. I’m sure I’ll be initiating a position in SBUX someday. Thanks for sharing.

    • Looking forward to see when you initiate a position, DivHut. I agree that I’d rather average down on my positions in this market rather than look for new stocks to buy. I have been doing the same.


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