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Hi all,

Lately, I’ve been putting some time into a new project. At first it just started off as exercise in gathering data about dividend announcements (both raises and cuts) by companies — and maintaining a centralized list and sharing with the community (available here). This involves a lot of manual work and needs some input from my end on a regular ongoing basis.

But I also decided to further this project by registering a new site which solely focuses on dividend growth increase and cut announcements. I decided to host this on a separate site as I simply wanted to keep this as a reporting/factual information location instead of including my personal views & takes on companies.

The new site: Dividend Growth Info

Sprinkle-in some added boredom in addition to extra time over the past couple of weekends and I decided to borrow and tweak a Twitter bot which periodically tweets the announcements.

Be sure to follow the Twitter bot here: DivGrowthInfo

As to what the future holds on this new project — I’m not sure. I want to make it a useful resource for the community and I welcome your input for new developments and ideas. Also, if you want to help out the community by working on this project, send me an email at

Meanwhile, I ask my fellow bloggers to spread the word and follow/share the site and Twitter bot.



5 thoughts on “Introducing Dividend Growth Info

  1. Helen says:

    Great idea! Will you categorize the data, perhaps by industry group, or some other means?
    Do we need to sign up somewhere to receive the updates?

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