Geographical Diversification Of Canadian Banks

The fiscal year for the Big Five Canadian banks ends in October. With the end of the year, and a delay of a few weeks, companies release their annual reports which give investors a clear picture of the overall operations with breakdown in revenue and earnings. This is vital information for long term investors and provides visibility into the operations.

Management may say one thing or another, but the numbers always speak for themselves — and confirms whether management is executing the path that is paved by the ideas generated in order to look for stability and growth. This article will take a look at the state of affairs of the Big Five Canadian banks and their geographical diversification. The five banks take the lion’s share of the Canadian financial markets and also have sizeable operations in U.S. and overseas markets. The data for each of the banks presented below has been extracted for each company’s respective annual reports for the year.

CdnBanks - Geographical Diversification 2015

In addition to the revenue diversification for the year 2015, this article takes a look at the trends of how the geographical diversification changed over a course of past ten years.

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2 thoughts on “Geographical Diversification Of Canadian Banks

  1. It’s good to know where your companies are doing business. It seems like having stakes in the top three should give you the right mix of US and Latin American exposure. Throw a strong US bank such as Wells Fargo into your portfolio as well as some smaller regionals that showed they could weather the financial crisis storm (NYCB, MTB, and/or VLY), and your portfolio should have a damn good mix of geographical exposure as well as size.

    Thanks for the great article, as always!

    ARB–Angry Retail Banker

    • Hi ARB,
      You are right – with a mix of some of the those banks – it forms a great geographical mix. I own TD and BNS – which I think gives me ample exposure to Canada, US and Latin America. In addition, I own WFC – so that covers the US market pretty well 🙂

      I have to check out the regional players you mentioned. I am not aware of those companies. Thanks for stopping by and sharing

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