Realty Income Dividend Increase

Realty Income

Realty Income Corp (O) announced a 3.92% increase in its cash dividend. The monthly cash dividend will increase from $0.191 to $0.1985 per share and payable on Feb 16, 2016 to shareholders on record as of Feb 01, 2016. Compared to the dividend a year ago, the current dividend rate is up 5%.

This is the 84th dividend increase from Realty Income since the company went public in 1994. The annual dividend rate goes up from $2.292 to $2.382. Yield going forward based on yesterday’s closing stock price is 4.56%.

Realty Income Corp Dividends & Dividend Growth Rates

Realty Income Corp Dividends & Dividend Growth Rates

From the press release statement:

“We are pleased that the continued strength in our operations allows us to increase the amount of the dividend we pay to our shareholders, while still maintaining a comfortable dividend coverage ratio,” said John P. Case, Chief Executive Officer of Realty Income. “With the payment of the February 2016 dividend, shareholders will enjoy an increase of 5% in the amount of their dividend as compared to the same month in 2015.”

My portfolio consists of 60 shares of Realty Income, which increases my annual dividends from $137.52 to $142.92, an increase of $5.40.

6 thoughts on “Realty Income Dividend Increase

    • Haha yeah. Love the timely dividend increases we get from O and OHI. Traders pushed down REITs (and still continue) fearing that the raised rates will be the end of the world. Tempted to buy more REITs here but my portfolio is already pretty heavy on them, so I might hold off.


  1. Let the fear of rising interest rates scare away investors. I’ll just by more of these reliable REITs and their rising dividends.

    ARB–Angry Retail Banker

  2. “Compared to the dividend a year ago, the current dividend rate is up 5%.”

    That’s the most important fact about Realty Income’s recent dividend increase. After several rather small increases, they’ve upped the ante a bit this time! Very exciting news.

    Take care, and happy investing


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