Chatter Around the World – 133

Chatter Around the World is a curated weekly update of articles related to economics, investing, dividends and personal finance. In these weekly updates, I also capture my blog updates and news related to my portfolio holdings.

World Map of Predicted Economic Growth Annually From Now to 2024

World Map of Predicted Economic Growth Annually From Now to 2024

Let’s dive into the links that caught my attention this week.

Updates from My Portfolio Holdings

Interesting Reads

Dividend Reads

Dividend Stock Analysis

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A Frugal Family’s Journey maintains a centralized repository of dividend stock analyses and recent buys from around the blogging community. Another list is maintained by IWTRS.

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10 thoughts on “Chatter Around the World – 133

  1. Looking at the graph, a tracker on india seems to be the best thing to do. Sounds reasonable to me… They have a growing middle class and capture a lot if the western outsourcing in it and administration tasks. Maybe a move for my play money?

    • Probably. Ive been considering an investment in India as well. Im not sure if I should go with an index fund or something more active. The long term demographics and the investment prospects for India are a lot better than other countries like China. Brazil is another country I am interested in, but they need to figure out their political issues and their messed up policies before I can sink some money into it.


  2. Thanks for the mentions and I hope those two articles as well as the conclusion of the series that’s upcoming are informative to the readers.

    Also thanks for some other articles that look very interesting, especially those in your interesting reads section since I don’t normally frequent those sites I don’t catch many of those.

    • Those are well written and well researched articles, JC. Thanks for compiling this and sharing with the rest of the community.

      You are welcome. Happy to share the interesting reads.
      Best wishes

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