Why Dividend Investing

I  wrote a guest post for Devin’s blog – Dividend Chimp, sharing my ideas about dividend investing. I cover some basic reasoning and alternatives to dividend investing and my ideas about the long term mindset including some pitfalls to avoid. Be sure to check it out – the full article is available here.

Thank you for the opportunity to guest post on your blog, Devin.


4 thoughts on “Why Dividend Investing

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, especially how you started 2008. Investors that just started out in the past few years have experienced nothing but good times. Hopefully they have a sound basis and plan for their decisions, especially moving forward now.

    • Completely agree, Devin. A lot of the investors have never experienced the panic that envelops when a recession hits or other market crashes occur. I remember back in 2008 when the market fell like a rock. Luckily, since I had just started, I didnt lose a lot of money – but at the time seemed like a lot.


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