Chatter Around the World – 119

Chatter Around the World is a curated weekly update of articles related to economics, investing, dividends and personal finance. In these weekly updates, I also capture my blog updates and news related to my portfolio holdings.


$60 Trillion of World Debt Visualized

Image Source: Visual Capitalist

Let’s dive into the links that caught my attention this week.

Updates from My Portfolio Holdings

Interesting Reads

Dividend Reads

Dividend Stock Analysis

Have a wonderful weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Chatter Around the World – 119

  1. Thanks for the mentions and I hope you have a great weekend. We’ll be dealing with a bunch of rain which is never good out here because it just makes everything muddy and that stuff gets everywhere. But the good thing is I should be sitting around getting paid but not having to actually work. Sounds good to me.

    • Hey JC,
      I heard that Texas might feel a bit of the effects from Hurricane Patricia. Hopefully nothing too serious, I hope. Enjoy the weekend, buddy. We are having some glorious weather for October here in Canada – a bit warmer than user, but just chilly enough to feel like fall.


  2. Thanks for the mention buddy. I hope you guys have a great weekend. I love the chart at the top. It’s a good thing that America will always be a world power, and outgrow outgrow our debt……err not. Haha.

    • You are welcome, Bryan. This weekend is flying by…getting a lot of chores done around the house though. Hahaa….the US debt market is humongous, but its worrying to see someone like Paul Ryan getting into position as a speaker of the house – who was advocating the US default on its loan last year. Extremely irresponsible – not sure if he was just jostlin for seat at the bargaining table, but politicians like those in power are something I tend to be weary of.

      Have a great wknd

  3. That’s a scary chart. It is insane to see the US debt level when it is put into perspective like that. Thanks for taking the time to compile this great list of reads, I’m looking forward to diving in further. Have a great weekend.


    • You are welcome, Ken. I keep an eye out through the week for infographics and charts that I find interesting and include one of em. They come from various source, all of which are attributed.


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