Ventas Inc Dividend Increase

Ventas Inc

Ventas Inc (VTR) recently spun-off its skilled nursing facilities into a separate company – Care Capital Properties (CCP). For every 4 shares of VTR, 1 share of CCP was issued. As part of the deal, it was announced that the combined dividends will be 10% higher than VTR’s pre-spinoff dividends. Ventas and Care Capital Properties have kept their promise and declared quarterly dividends of $0.73 for Ventas and $0.57 for Care Capital.

The annualized dividend for Ventas pre-split was $3.16. Post-spin off, the annual dividends are $2.92 for VTR and $2.28 for CCP.

Full Disclosure: Long CCP, VTR. My full list of holdings is available here.

9 thoughts on “Ventas Inc Dividend Increase

    • Yup, these increases are validation on the dividend growth strategy. That pay raise easily beats the inflation rate – definitely a great way to build passive income over the years.


  1. I was pissed at myself for not catching this spin-off sooner. Would have invested in VTR earlier in the year if I had known. Oh well, hopefully there will be plenty of other companies with spin-offs in the future.

    Congrats on receiving the 10% increase!


    • Im sure there will be more spinoffs in the market, Bert. Overall, Im happy with owning both VTR and CCP – although my CCP is a very small position. I might consider adding to CCP in the near future.

      Thanks for stopping by and the wishes

  2. I love spin-offs. They really provide wonderful opportunity if one is interested in owning typically solid company that is more focused on its core market. Congrats on owning VENTAS. I wish I had it before the spin-off. Cheers!


    • Thanks BSR. Ventas is a very well run company and the spinoff in CCP has a great starting portfolio, which Im hoping will let the management build on the foundation that they have been provided.

      Thanks for stopping by

  3. What’s not to like about this announcement? Happy with the spin off, happy with the dividend, happy with the long term prospects of the health REITs for the next couple of decades. I’ll wait and see about adding more to my CCP once I see a little more of a dividend history under its belt. Still like VTR, HCP and HCN though.

    • Yup….it was pretty nice of the management to give us a clear picture of what the dividends will look like going forward. Made the decision a bit easier since I am a fairly new VTR investor. Would like to own the others you mentioned, but will probably build on my VTR and CCP positions instead.

      Congrats on the raise, fellow shareholder

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