Canadian National Railway Dividend Stock Analysis 2015


Canadian National Railway Company (CNR.TO) (CNI) is the second-largest railroad company in North America. The company operates 20,000 miles of network serving three coasts — Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coast. CN operates in one of the widest moat industries — railroads. The company has a diversified traffic volume including intermodal, petroleum & chemicals, grain & fertilizers, forest products, metals & minerals, automotive, and coal.

The company is a dividend challenger having raised dividends for 18 consecutive years and has a 5-yr CAGR of 15.2%. The company has the best in class operating margins beating out giants such as UNP, NSC and CSX.

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4 thoughts on “Canadian National Railway Dividend Stock Analysis 2015

  1. Great company. Thanks for the article on seekingalpha R2R. We need more analysis such as these that you are doing for Canadian stocks for sure. Thank you my friend.
    We gotta buy more CNR for sure bud. If it goes to mid 60’s to high 60’s, i’ll dip my toes in again.
    Take care bud.

    • It sure is a great company and love to own the railroads. I love the wide geographical network they have and their traffic is very diverse. No wonder it trades at a bit of a premium most of the time.
      I’ll be looking to average down if it continues to see some weakness.


    • Hi DivHut,
      I hadnt seen that article (thanks for sharing), but it hits on all the points that I really like about the railroad sector. It is also interesting to note that Buffett and Gates are fans and have targeted one company each in the industry – Buffett going for BNSF (taking it private) and Gates going for CN (second largest position after BRK).


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