Recent Buy – Canadian National Railway


The stock market is going through some wild swings. There are plenty of reasons for the overall sentiment to be down for active traders, but that just means a great opportunity for long term investors to pick up some quality companies in the midst of the panic. Whenever I make a purchase, I like to share my buys to document and illustrate how I am building my income stream over the course of months/years. My main goal is simply to keep investing at regular intervals and build my passive income over the course of time. This is one last purchase for the month of August, adding to an existing position.

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Sunshine Blogger Award

This post is inspired by Bryan at Income Surfer who nominated me for the Sunshine blogger award. For those unfamiliar, this is a fun way of sharing details about the nominated blogger (in this case, me) with a few questions posted by the person nominating. Thanks for the nomination, Bryan.

1. Name the top three experiences from your past, that help form who you are today.

  • Having a near-death experience. I fell off a cliff a few years ago and ended up with injuries that could have either killed me or left me paralyzed, but as luck may have it, I just came off it with just some cuts and scrapes, some fractures and a new found love of life. This caused me to re-evaluate a lot of things in my life and do some soul searching. I would say that a big part of me today is because of that experience.
  • A death of a close family member. Again – nothing like death to remind you how precious life is, right? A death of a close family member shook me up and reminded how important it was to take care of myself and people I care about. I used to be quite overweight and it was a wakeup call and decided to live a much healthier and active lifestyle after that. Even to this day, living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle remains a top priority for me.
  • Seeing people around me not plan ahead financially enough. Time and again, I’ve seen too many people not have a game plan when it comes to retirement and living paycheque to paycheque, while spending on unnecessary things. I started saving for my retirement the moment I was out of university and got a full-time job.

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Chatter Around the World – 111

Chatter Around the World is a curated weekly update of articles related to economics, investing, dividends and personal finance. In these weekly updates, I also capture my blog updates and news related to my portfolio holdings.


S&P 500 Revenue Diversification

Image Source: Market Watch

Let’s dive into the links that caught my attention this week.

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Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) Dividend Increase


Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) (BNS.TO) announced a 2.94% increase in its cash dividend. The quarterly cash dividend will increase from $0.68 to $0.70 per share and payable on Oct 28, 2015 to shareholders on record as of Oct 6, 2015 and ex-div date of Oct 2, 2015. This is the second dividend increase in 2015 and the dividend is up 6.06% from a year ago.

Forward yield based on current stock price is 4.67%.

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The Brookfield-Asciano Deal

Last week, I initiated a position in Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (BIP) (BIP.UN.TO). Its a company that I’ve been watching for a while and was waiting for a good time to jump in. That moment showed up when Brookfield announced that it had reached a deal to acquire the Australian company Asciano Ltd, a rail and port logistics company, for US$6.6B. This deal will give BIP a 55% stake in the company. The remaining stake is divided as: 23% going to Brookfield Asset Management (BAM), BIP’s parent company; 11% stake going to British Columbia Investment Management Corp; – a Victoria, BC-based pension plan; and 11% of the stake going to the Government of Singapore.

image (13)

Who owns Asciano Ltd after this deal

As blogger Freedom Thirty Five noted in his post last week, Australia and Canada share a lot of similarities. They are both resource rich economies that are facing financial headwinds due to the commodity market collapse. Both countries have a high standard of living, inflated housing market, similar currencies, etc. Canada’s largest trading partner is the US and Australia’s largest trading partner is China – current #1 and #2 economies of the world – who will eventually swap the #1 and #2 spots in the coming years. With a trading partner that big and other South Asian economies in the vicinity, investing in Australia is a great way to gain exposure to the emerging markets while staying invested in stable developed economies.

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