Realty Income Dividend Increase

Realty IncomeRealty Income (O) announced a 0.26% increase in its cash dividends for common stockholders. This is the company’s 81st dividend increase since the company went public in 1994 and an amazing third increase this year! The monthly dividend increases from $0.1895 to $0.19 per share. The dividend is payable on Jul 15, 2015 to shareholders of record as of Jul 1, 2015.

From the press release statement:

We are pleased that our Board of Directors has once again determined that we are able to increase the amount of the monthly dividend we pay to our shareholders,” said John P. Case, Chief Executive Officer of Realty Income. “With the payment of the July dividend, we will have made 540 consecutive monthly dividend payments and paid over $3.5 billion in dividends throughout our 46-year operating history.

The new dividend amount represents an annualized dividend amount of $2.28, up from $2.274 per share. My portfolio consists of 60 shares of Realty Income and the new increase bumps up my annual dividends from $136.44 to $136.80, an increase of $0.36.

12 thoughts on “Realty Income Dividend Increase

  1. Gotta love it! O has been really consistent since I jumped on board last year. Small increase, but I’ll take it any day since they all add up over time. Thanks for the update.

    – HMB

    • I like the small increases quarter after quarter as well. Its small, but it counts 🙂 Also, we got an awesome 3% raise early in the year…so these are just a bit of an extra bonus on top of that, imo.

      Congrats on the raise, fellow investor

  2. Great to see this! I’ve only been on the “O Train” for a couple months, so I haven’t enjoyed an increase until today. My monthly dividend income just jumped $0.04! But, hey, you gotta make cents before you make dollars.

    • Thats the essence of DGI, R29. Its something that you dont need to work for – and slowly but surely that income increases over the years. Good to have you as a fellow shareholders. Welcome to the “O train” 🙂


  3. As a fellow owner of “O” in my dividend portfolio, i had to chuckle when i read this increase… But then i got to thinking “at least its an increase and not a decrease”.

    I wonder if this increase is a necessary based on it being a REIT and need to return 90% or if this is just a commitment from management that they are trying to increase the div anytime they can.


    • Well, they can increase it once a year if needed, but the management has chosen to keep increasing every quarter. I for one like it as it compounds faster – even though the amount is very small.

      Congrats on the increase

  4. Zip says:

    Like your site. you hold the U.S. Dividend inTFSA or non-regd for maximum tax dividend gross up advantage.? I am an indexer, but I love the index REIT ZRE monthly dividends.

  5. “Realty Income increases dividend.”

    Oh hell yeah! More dividend income! THAT’s what I’m after!

    “They announced a 0.26% increase.”

    ………Well, at least it’s something.

    …….…I’d better get back to work.*sigh*

    ARB–Angry Retail Banker

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